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Dec 10, 2012 11:42am EST
trading in positive territory. the surprise resignation of italy's prime minister offset by a good report on mcdonald's sales. checking the major averages this hour, the dow is up 27 points. the nasdaq is up 14, the s&p up two. italy's prime minister, the man credited with restoring confidence in italy's shaky economy has resigned. italy's stock index dropped 3%. there was a ripple effect in the u.s. and european markets earlier. monty said he can't leave the country after losing the support of sylvio berlusconi's party. apple stock is back around $531 a share after a leading investment firm, jeffreys, cut the future price target by $100. a leading analyst says smart phone saturation may lead to slow growth in the coming years. the new price target is $800 per share as opposed to 900. apple stock is down 25% since the record close above $700 a share in september. and the world's biggest hamburger chain, mcdonald's, saw sales increase 2.4% at restaurants open more than a year. growth was bigger than expected. breakfast items and limited time only cheddar bacon and onion sandwiches b
Dec 17, 2012 11:00am EST
tradition. >> christmas eve we unite all the family in italy, get together and we start around 7:00. and even before people go to church at midnight. and we start with seafood. >> you say you start with fish. this is the secrets -- >> this is secrets of the sea. >> what's in this? >> baby clams in the shell. >> it's got olives in it. >> olives, capers. >> the secret sauce -- >> just a touch tomatoes, garlic, white wine. that's it. >> when we talk about seven fishes, you've got fish coming all night in italy. you begin when people first walk in with these wonderful oysters. >> oysters, clams, whatever shellfish we have we put them on the table. >> let's have a look at this. this is fresh fish that you've been marinating. >> fish and shell dish. longostino, yellow tuna, whiting, these are called eel. >> you take all of that beautiful fresh fish and you put it in -- what are we sauteing? >> when you put this in the pans, saute little bit, olive oil, mix breadcrumb, white wine, capers, oregano. >> you also brought some pasta. can you lift that over here? >> this is tradition ravioli for chri
Dec 6, 2012 11:00am EST
here with examples to find locally. i love this from italy. the feast of the seven fishes. they do it on christmas eve, i think. >> right. it's a feast that features seafood. if you are looking to do it yourself this year, head to the italian store. there's a great shop in arlington. they have traditional foods and spices and ingredients you need. they have lots of sweets. if you want someone else to take care of the dessert, they have someone else to do that. >> i love that tradition. christmas tea service that's somewhere from some country. where is that from? >> england. if you want to celebrate a christmas tea like will and kate might, you can do it here at the british pantry. it's a cool cafe where they have a christmas tree service for $35. they do things like mince pie served with brandy butter and scones. >> oh, good. i like the lemon curd they have there. there's a warm cocktail from denmark. tell us about that. >> it's called glug. it's made with mulled wine. it's a great thing to drink in the wintertime. it's a traditional danish drink served through the holidays. you can g
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3